Kayaking Lake Atitlan

Kayaking Lake Atitlan
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Kayak Panajachel Lake Atitlan - Reserve Now!Kayaking in Lake Atitlan Guatemala is a relaxing, amazing experience! the views are amazing, the calm waters of the lake in the mornings, the crystal clear waters invite for kayaking

Kayaking Lake Atitlan
Kayaking Lake Atitlan
Kayaking Lake Atitlan
Kayaking Lake Atitlan

The journey begins early in the morning so that you enjoy the tranquility of the lake surface, and then, from 3-5 hours of kayaking, you´ll paddle along the shore, stopping at lakeside hot springs or to enjoy a breakfast

We provide 3 options for Kayaking Lake Atitlan:

  • Kayaking from Panajachel to Santa Catarina hot springs (a small source of thermal water) We start at 9, this paddling takes about 1 hour, there you can relax or swim. Later on the way back to Panajachel approximately at 13:00 hours (2 hours kayaking)
  • Kayaking from Casa del Mundo Hotel to Jaibalito, Tzununa and San Marcos la Laguna this route takes approximately 1 and a half hours to get there, optionally a stop can be made at the Rocks in San Marcos, a beautiful place to jump and swim, and then we are ready to get back back. Includes a breakfast at Casa del Mundo Hotel (3 hours kayaking)
  • Kayaking San Pedro La Laguna to Playa Dorada in San Juan la LagunaThis tour can begin in Panajachel with a boat ride to San Pedro or any other village you are staying at 9:00. In San Pedro kayaking begins heading to Playa Dorada takes about 3 hours. In this route you will have the opportunity to see traditional fishermen in old, wooden kayucos, fishing the ancient way… later, as we get closer, onion plantations, coffee and corn fields will fill the view. Once at the beak you can swim, take a sunbath and relax.. ready to come back? Includes a lunchbox to enjoy

Included in all: Bilingual Guide, life jacket, quality kayak, and tons of excitement!
Kayak Lake Atitlan - Reserve Now!

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