Tag: adventure

Tag: adventure

Kayaking Lake Atitlan
March 4, 2011 Ecotourism, Tours Atitlan Tours

Kayaking in Lake Atitlan Guatemala is a relaxing, amazing experience! the views are amazing, the calm waters of the lake in the mornings, the crystal clear waters invite for kayaking The journey begins early in the morning so that you enjoy the tranquility of the lake surface, and then, from 3-5 hours of kayaking, you´ll

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Paragliding Panajachel Lake Atitlan
February 24, 2011 Tours Atitlan Tours

Lake Atitlan has one of the most spectacular views for Paragliding, to feel like an eagle, fly from the mountain and feel free overlooking the lake, enjoy the amazing adventure flying in the clouds and overlooking the volcanoes. The tour starts in Panajachel, from there to the launch point at 500mts above the Atitlan lake,

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Lake Atitlan Biking Tour
June 30, 2010 Ecotourism, Tours Atitlan Tours

Lake Atitlan Biking Tour is an adventure designed for Beginners, intermediate or experienced bikers, from a 4 miles paddle to a multi-day biking tour around Lake Atitlan, enjoy the great views of lake atitlan and at the same time the emotion of mountain biking through trails and paths, visiting mayan villages, the living Maya! Start

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